Building on our last topic of time blocking let’s take a look at a fun exercise I like to have people do. For this exercise, I want you to imagine what your perfect day would look like.

Imagine the Perfect Day

If you had absolutely no limits or barriers, including money, what would that day look like?

  • What would you do?
  • What experiences would you like to have?
  • Who would you spend time with?
  • Where would you go?
  • How would the day start?
  • What conversations would you have?

Write that all down in detail and allow yourself to dream for a few minutes. If you really go all out on this, you might come up with something that seems very unrealistic based on where you are currently at in your life. But, I think there is a ton of value in getting yourself out of “doing” mode and spending some time thinking about what you would do, see, experience outside of the daily and weekly routine. 

Plan the Perfect Day

Now let’s bring it to current reality. What would a perfect day look like within your current lifestyle? Many people have a unique opportunity right now to actually make some changes to get closer to an ideal day due to working from home. Start with a typical workday. If you made that a “perfect” day while also getting your work done, how would that look?

  • What would you eat?
  • When would you exercise?
  • How much sleep would you get?
  • What would your morning routine look like?
  • How many hours would you work?
  • What hobbies would you spend time doing?
  • Who would you spend more or less time with?

Write that all down on an hourly basis from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. Now take a few minutes and see what is in there that you can actually do starting tomorrow. If you are in fact working from home – you probably gained an hour or two of time in not commuting to and from work. This could allow you time to go for a morning walk, or fix a healthy meal to start the day or do some reading.

What is one thing you could implement right away to move you closer to your perfect day? It can be a great opportunity to move in a positive direction of creating and directing your life to go in the direction you want.

While this second part is very practical, I encourage you to also keep the dream day in the back of your mind. What did you discover in your dream perfect day that you can actually move closer to? Perhaps an experience that you’d like to have isn’t that far out of reach, but is simply a matter of deciding to pursue it, and then planning for it. 

Final Thoughts

Your “perfect” day will likely evolve as you grow and life changes. Come back to this exercise once or twice a year to re-assess where you are at. Keep asking yourself good questions and pay attention to any time you tell yourself, “I can’t, if only, maybe someday, etc…” Is that objectively true, or is it just an excuse? 

Have fun with this and let me know what you discover or change that creates a more fulfilling life for you!

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